apple decoration for kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen has a different view choosing apple decoration for kitchen is advice. Apple theme can give a great nuance in your kitchen. Apple decor has variety of style, so you should choose the best apple decor which fix to your kitchen.

Red or white color is suitable to the wall for this type. Red color is giving a dramatic view, and white color is giving subtle view. Green and yellow are other choice accepts red and white.

Accent apple can be appeared in a tablecloth. Using a table cloth which has an apple theme can beautiful your kitchen. You can display kitchen equipment in red like blender, mixer or coffee maker. It will emphasize the red color in this apple decoration for kitchen. By arranging a ceramic which has an apple theme is a good idea.

You can place the large and the small ceramic on your kitchen. Adding some accent such as hand towels and refrigerator magnet are able to highlight the feature of apple. Everything appliances in bright red or bright green are suitable. It’s better to hang apple art works or apple pictures as decorative wall.

Apple decoration for kitchen can be apply in your kitchen easily. Design of apple tree can be painted in your wall. The miniature of apple tree can also be painted along your kitchen or in other space on your wall. Stencil craft will be one of goods idea to make your wall became more beautiful. You can make your own stencil by cutting apple into-two, press it into paint, and press it again on your wall to create a beautiful apple in print.

Daisy Kitchen Decor for the Bright Room

Any kitchen decor can easily brighten by daisy. The impression of the decoration by daisy kitchen decor is giving bright room. Generally, daisy is available for any size and colors. Daisy shows feeling of happy sometimes daisy is used as a symbol of spring. So if you want to use daisy as kitchen decor, you should understanding about some variety of daisy. It can help you to choose which fix with decorative style.

  • African : It can be called the cap daisy. It is able to grow in some bright color such as yellow orange and white. African daisy is native from short African. It can grow in warm climate with dry soil. The petal of flower is curved in the middle. Especially eye catching make it the blooms.
  • Chicory : It’s a flower which has a light blue petal and blue center. It can grow wild in some part of US. The leaf of the plant can be dried, of even consume as a coffee substitute. If you plant it in your garden, it’s better to position plant in full of sunlight position.
  • Sunflower : It’s yellow and has a brown center. It’s one of the largest flowers. The seed and the oil of sunflower are useful. It is usually sold in grocery.
  • Goldenrod : It’s thin with light and yellow blooms. It can grow wild because it can attract some insect such as butterfly and bee. It’s better to plan in late summer.

Besides that, by applying daisy kitchen decor you can enhance the daisy decor by painting the kitchen. The prevalent of standard daisy color is white and yellow. The beautiful accents for these types are dark green. You can also add border in daisy wallpaper, or even covering it. You can find a craft or an art item which is painted by daisy. It can be teapot, mug, vases, baskets or everything in daisy accent.

You can also use towel and curtain in daisy design that all items can serve daisy accent with the simple way. The kitchen table should be covered with daisy gold. Don’t forget to put a daisy in a vase far elegant touch. In the end you can enjoy the daisy kitchen decor for the light room in your home.

This inspiration was taken from

Atomic ranch remodel by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Laidlaw Schultz Architects succeeded in making the changes to remodel the home in the mid-century house. The home is transformed into bright color and has great color combination. For the wall, this home uses many of glass as walls, especially in the corner. This is intended to make the room with great lighting from the sun. Look at the picture, every corner and the room is rich with light. This may be the concept of the present house. a swimming pool add to the elegance and comfort. This is great ideas for example of modern home.

Architec :